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Rose’ Fizz

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Ingredients: Coconut oil, distilled water, hydroxide, avacodo oil, shea butter, Rose Clay to color, and scented with bergamot + geranium essential oils.

Bergamot  Essential oil works to stimulate skin cell renewal, redistributing skin pigments for an even and toned complexion. It also has naturally powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The oil contains limonene, a potent antioxidant. Linalyl acetate, linalool and pinene have disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties that are key for skin health.

Geranium eo fresh, minty,rose scent . Reducing scar tissue and marks caused by skin irritation. ~Because geranium oil is a natural cicatrisant - it speeds up the healing of wounds and helps healthy new skin cells to regenerate more quickly. This is why it’s an ideal ingredient in our soap.

Just to touch on a few benifits of geranium eo

•Reducing anxiety and depression.

•Controlling oiliness and balancing sebum

•Calming and soothing irritated skin and making it glow.