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Rose Ziore’ 4oz

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Wake up and smell the roses! Powered by organic rose hydrosol, this face mist also contains skin-softening and aloe water for extra hydration. Each revitalizing spritz releases a super-fine cloud of mist, ensuring skin never looks patchy—just fresh.

Rosewater works to soothe irritated skin, reducing puffiness and rosacea. Rose water has antiseptic, anti-aging, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Whether you need a post-cleanse toner, a midday refresh, or an antioxidant-rich makeup setter, this aromatic botanical blend does it all.

Who’s it for:

All skin types

Target Concerns:

  • Soothes skin
  • intense hydration
  • reduces fine wrinkles
  • clear clogged pores

How to use:

Apply to a freshly washed face, hold the bottle about 6-12 in’ from face, and mist face with rosewater. 
Can be used before and after makeup. Also can be applied over entire face and wipe with cotton round to cleanse away residual dirt and oil left behind during cleansing.

What’s in it:

Just Rosewater of course